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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Criminal ID Theft - just one of 5 types

But, Officer, that isn't ME

It's bad enough when someone uses your credit cards to go on a spending spree. But a criminal identity thief could rob you of your good name and put you at risk for arrest.

Get the October 2005 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

Karl Koessel Never imagined that losing his wallet would land him in Jail.

Allison Curry, a 4th-grade teacher in San Diego, discovered that someone she voluntarily mentored in a foster-care facility had stolen her identity and that she, Allison, was wanted for the crime of prostitution.

In both of these cases, the victims had to prove their innocence and it took hours and it cost dollars to do so.

There are 5 types of ID Theft and financial ID Theft is only one of them. Criminal ID Theft is another - check back for more on this.

We must protect ourselves -- Visit this site and watch the movie for your benefit.


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