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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Protecting Your Children from ID Theft

ID Thieves are targeting minor's Social Security Numbers because they may be able to use them for several years before discovery. The victim, your child, wouldn't discover that they have a bogus credit record until they apply for a credit card or a job.

The Identity Theft Safeguard for Children can be obtained at

Get the Experts on their side, too!

When it comes to identity theft, age isn't a factor.

In recent years, identity thieves have zeroed in on children as potential prey. Their young age and the fact that they have no credit history make them prime targets for identity theft. In fact, a child who has become a victim of identity theft may not even know for years; until they are old enough to apply for credit.

-Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. offers a special enhancement to the Identity Theft Shield, geared toward minor children. Under the plan, your children (under 18 years of age) can receive valuable services to help safeguard against one of the fastest growing crimes in America.

Identity Theft Services for Minors include:

SAFEGUARD-It's important to educate children as early as possible on the importance of safeguarding private information. Safeguard provides valuable material on credit education for minors, advice on the best practices for the use of a child's Social Security Number and Personal Identifying Information, as well as many other crucial safeguarding practices.

DETECTION - It's vital that a child's credit be monitored throughout childhood. Our service will monitor for the existence of a credit file and notify you should anything be found.

CONSULTATION- Licensed private investigators, specializing in identity theft issues,are available to address any questions or concerns you may have about issues regarding child identity theft.

RESTORATION - Licensed investigators will take immediate action to correct any damages caused by identity theft. They will assist in obtaining a police report, provide available credit reports, dispute all fraudulent accounts with creditors, collectors, credit bureaus, banks, and others. In addition, a 7-year fraud victim statement or a Credit Bureau Minor Fraud alert will be placed with the credit reporting agencies.

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