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Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Identity Theft Ordeal

Medical Identity Theft Ordeal

You've all heard stories about identity theft, but nothing like this. Imagine: someone walks into a hospital to get major surgery that costs thousands of dollars and does it all in your name. Then that person sticks you with the bills. It happened.....

Preventing Medical Identity Theft

Monitor your insurance claims to make sure they are accurate. spotting a suspicious medical claim may be the easiest way to catch medical identity theft early. Now here are six more tips to help guard against identity fraud in general:

1. Be Vigilant: Regularly monitor your bank and credit card accounts. Set up alerts to both e-mail and a mobile device.

2. Protect Personal Data: Don't provide sensitive financial information over the Internet or phone unless you initiated the interaction with a trusted entity.

3. Move Online: Cancel paper invoices, bank statements, and checks and replace them with electronic versions.

4. Check Who Is Watching: Be mindful of your environment and who may overhear or see sensitive information.

5. Guard Liability: Use credit and debit cards from financial institutions that provide no liability if a card is used without authorization.

6. Employ the top of the line Identity Theft Shield from Pre-Paid Legal Services. The Value outweighs the cost.


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