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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Preventing Holiday Identity Theft

Before you swipe your card, think about this, 11 million Americans had their identities stolen last year.

Narda Reed's husband was one of them.

"We've had people take free trips to Europe, to Disneyland, Disney World, purchase major items," she says.

And police say the holiday season is the prime time for thieves to steal your information.

"We're not ahead of this curve yet. It is definitely still a growing problem. More and more people are figuring out how to do it, how to commit that offense. Yes we catch them from time to time, but it doesn't take away the hassle that the victim has," says Temple Police Sergeant Brad Hunt.

Don't use public Wi-Fi connections like the ones in coffee shops to shop online. More ID theft happens in stores than online, but four in ten shoppers say they have little or no worries about identity fraud happening to them.

"You are at risk and in this day and age to it's very easy for someone to come along and be close to you and write the number down or get your credit card number and snap a picture of it," AAA Spokesman Dan Ronan says.

Ronan says you should cover up the number as you swipe and shield the keypad when you enter your pin.

"You don't want your card to be out of sight for a long period of time where someone could write down the number, write down the personal code on the back," Ronan adds.

Ronan also suggest taking only one card with you when you go shopping. He also says you should check your credit report at least two times a year.


  • When shopping online, make sure you use a reputable site and look for the security icon before putting in your information.
  • Protect from the view of a mobile phone camera - When Shopping, Put your Thumb over part of the Credit Card # and shield any PIN# entry.
  • Take only One Credit Card with you when you shop
  • Check your Credit Report every quarter using - once for each credit repository (bureau) every three months.
  • Enroll with the best Identity Theft Shield with the Pre-Paid Legal Plan, because you need an attorney to help you in case of some forms or ID Theft like Criminal and Medical ID Theft.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Identity Theft Ordeal

Medical Identity Theft Ordeal

You've all heard stories about identity theft, but nothing like this. Imagine: someone walks into a hospital to get major surgery that costs thousands of dollars and does it all in your name. Then that person sticks you with the bills. It happened.....

Preventing Medical Identity Theft

Monitor your insurance claims to make sure they are accurate. spotting a suspicious medical claim may be the easiest way to catch medical identity theft early. Now here are six more tips to help guard against identity fraud in general:

1. Be Vigilant: Regularly monitor your bank and credit card accounts. Set up alerts to both e-mail and a mobile device.

2. Protect Personal Data: Don't provide sensitive financial information over the Internet or phone unless you initiated the interaction with a trusted entity.

3. Move Online: Cancel paper invoices, bank statements, and checks and replace them with electronic versions.

4. Check Who Is Watching: Be mindful of your environment and who may overhear or see sensitive information.

5. Guard Liability: Use credit and debit cards from financial institutions that provide no liability if a card is used without authorization.

6. Employ the top of the line Identity Theft Shield from Pre-Paid Legal Services. The Value outweighs the cost.

Patient Billed for Phony Liposuction as Medical ID Theft Rises

(Bloomberg) -- Sierra Morgan was billed $12,000 on her health-care credit card in November for liposuction, a procedure she never requested or had.

“It’s depressing to know that someone used my name and knows so much about me,” said the 31-year-old respiratory therapist from Modesto, California.

There were more than 275,000 cases in the U.S. last year of medical information theft, twice the number in 2008, according to Javelin Strategy & Research, a Pleasanton, California-based market research firm. The average fraud cost $12,100, Javelin said.

“A trend we’ve seen over the past few years is using stolen information to file false claims,” said Louis Saccoccio, executive director of the Washington-based National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, a non-profit research group.

Criminals set up fake clinics to bill for phony treatments, said Pam Dixon, founder of the World Privacy Forum, a non-profit consumer-research group based in San Diego, California, which has worked with more than 3,000 victims. Thieves also may impersonate a patient, like in Morgan’s case, and some medical workers download records to sell, she said.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Protecting Your Children from ID Theft

ID Thieves are targeting minor's Social Security Numbers because they may be able to use them for several years before discovery. The victim, your child, wouldn't discover that they have a bogus credit record until they apply for a credit card or a job.

The Identity Theft Safeguard for Children can be obtained at

Get the Experts on their side, too!

When it comes to identity theft, age isn't a factor.

In recent years, identity thieves have zeroed in on children as potential prey. Their young age and the fact that they have no credit history make them prime targets for identity theft. In fact, a child who has become a victim of identity theft may not even know for years; until they are old enough to apply for credit.

-Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. offers a special enhancement to the Identity Theft Shield, geared toward minor children. Under the plan, your children (under 18 years of age) can receive valuable services to help safeguard against one of the fastest growing crimes in America.

Identity Theft Services for Minors include:

SAFEGUARD-It's important to educate children as early as possible on the importance of safeguarding private information. Safeguard provides valuable material on credit education for minors, advice on the best practices for the use of a child's Social Security Number and Personal Identifying Information, as well as many other crucial safeguarding practices.

DETECTION - It's vital that a child's credit be monitored throughout childhood. Our service will monitor for the existence of a credit file and notify you should anything be found.

CONSULTATION- Licensed private investigators, specializing in identity theft issues,are available to address any questions or concerns you may have about issues regarding child identity theft.

RESTORATION - Licensed investigators will take immediate action to correct any damages caused by identity theft. They will assist in obtaining a police report, provide available credit reports, dispute all fraudulent accounts with creditors, collectors, credit bureaus, banks, and others. In addition, a 7-year fraud victim statement or a Credit Bureau Minor Fraud alert will be placed with the credit reporting agencies.

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